BELA is an Alberta Education Approved Early Childhood Site, making it possible for us to provide services and programming for children with early intervention and special needs as well as for children who are learning to speak English as a second language.

Founded in 2012,  BELA has been providing innovative preschool programming and early learning services to our community for a decade. We are committed to enriching the community and the lives of our students & families.



PUF Funding

Students may qualify for funding to access these services. If you have concerns about your child that are developmental in nature or you have been referred to us regarding PUF Funding, please contact us to discuss your options.

BELA is also a licensed childcare program through the Southeastern Alberta Children Services Authority.

Our Mission

The Brooks Early Learning Academy is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of early learning, and to providing high quality, play-based, early learning programming accessible to all children in our community.

The Brooks Community Enrichment Foundation

BELA (Brooks Early Learning Academy) is operated under the Foundation and allows us to address and achieve our goals that pertain to working with families and children in our community.

The Brooks Community Enrichment Foundation was established as a non-profit organization in 2011 and is a registered charity.

We are dedicated to enriching the lives of children and families in the community of Brooks and in our ‘community’ in the broader sense of the word, including our province and even our country.

Our three main areas of focus are:

  • Providing high quality early learning programming that is accessible to all children in our community.
  • Raising the awareness of the importance of early learning 
  • Supporting our community by working to  enrich the lives of
    families, through volunteering, educating,  and supporting other
    organizations who are also family focused and/or child centered.

BELA and the Community

The Foundation and our Board of Directors continue to work towards enriching our community in the broader sense and are dedicated to finding and developing ways to give back to our community and inspire others to do the same.

For information on our foundation please contact Carmen Powell at carmen@belabrooks.ca

Health & Safety

COVID-19 Student Illness Guide

CORE COVID-19 Symptoms
Fever, Cough, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath

1.Keep your child home. Students with
these symptoms at school will be sent

2. Recommend COVID-19 Testing

-If your child tested negative and has had
no known exposure to COVID-19,
he/she is not legally required to isolate;
however, AHS recommends he/she stay
home from school until feeling better and
symptoms resolve.

-If your child tested positive, AHS will
contact you. You are legally required to
follow their directions regarding isolation
and/or quarantine.

3. If parents choose not to have their child
tested, the child is legally required to stay
home and self isolate for 10 days from the
start of the symptoms or until they are gone,
whichever is longer